Life Update

And again the life trajectory shifts rightly so for an idiot with adhd who’s extremely open and has no work ethic. I have decided to stop studying psychology for a few reasons. Firstly I am skeptical on the use and literal legitimacy of a lot of the knowledge I would be accumulating through a degree in psychology. Even still really enjoying my opening class to the program, a good chunk of the content was memorizing a large quantity of terms which were simply categorizations from a theorist in the past 100 years which at this point I’ve forgot, but even if I remembered I couldn’t figure as useful at the time even if I did become a professional research or clinical psychologist. I wouldn’t be surprised if upon deeper dive into this perspective I would find that I am just arrogant. Secondly I am introverted and have a very dark sense of humor and am surprisingly not actually autistic contrary to a good chunk of my friend’s beliefs. I never cared too much for research psychology but love psychotherapy. However, if I were to be dealing with patients all day I would be mentally exhausted by the excessive socialization and also seriously fear cracking up at the wrong times by no intentional choice of my own. I have resumed playing poker full time and plan to for the next several years until I have what I feel is fuck you money for the sole purpose of achieving greater status in the sexual social hierarchy (ectomorph genetics) and to make Oliver jealous. At that point I will retire from the degeneracy and start from academic scratch pursuing health science so that I can one day write a shill book and go on Joe Rogan and tell him to stop eating meat. Not forgetting to always have some laughs along the way. Cheerio.

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